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Can Virtual Doctor provide me with Lab Testing Requisitions?
Posted by Shaila Gupta, Last modified by Shaila Gupta on 12 August 2019 08:56 PM

YES, Virtual Doc can provide you with Lab Testing requisitions electronically - No more going to the doctors office and waiting! 

To take advantage of the services available under Virtual Doctor you, simply log into your SIGN-IN (CLICK HERE) or create your Virtual Doctor account CREATE ACCOUNT (CLICK HERE) and get started today!


  • Free with a Valid Ontario Health Card (OHIP)
  • $55.00 for international and out-of-province students (receipt is provided)

Here is what else Virtual Doctor can assist you with:

  • Review your current medical history with reference to immunization status
  • Have prescriptions delivered to your doorstep
  • Provide expert healthcare on over 20+ medical conditions
  • Update your school's clinical placement form(s)
  • Make recommendations on how to best complete your schools requirements
  • Provide electronic lab test requisitions
  • Provide electronic prescriptions for immunizations
  • Review your lab test results and provide follow up advice
  • Saves you time and money and helps you complete your clinical placement requirements - No more going to the doctor’s office!

Important Note:

Synergy Gateway Inc. is an approved provider with the Ministry of Health of Ontario and will process direct billing on behalf of the Approved Physicians to the Ministry of Health of Ontario for any Services provided to you through the Virtual Doctor Platform from Approved Providers.  This option is only available if you are enrolled in Ontario’s Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and have provided proof of eligibility as required by Synergy Gateway Inc. as the terms set herein. At no time will Synergy Gateway Inc. bill for Services outside of the Services provided under the Virtual Doctor Platform.  

If you’re an out-of-province or international student (you do not have a valid Ontario Health Card), you will be charged a fee for your Virtual Doctor Service.  Upon completion of Service, an official receipt and, if applicable, all other necessary documentation will be provided so that students may submit their healthcare claims to their provincial health plan or provincial plan replacement coverage for adjudication.  Please note, Synergy Gateway Inc. does not guarantee that your claim will be accepted and/or reimbursed by your provinces health plan or provincial plan replacement coverage.

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